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Huge New case study with Local Brewery: Robinsons!


Robinsons Case Study

Recently IGD won a massive project to supply Robinsons Brewery with iGAS portable CO2 monitors from Senko. Unreliability and complexity of their current devices meant IGD could step in to provide a detectably better solution for Robinsons. They are proud to help a family-run, local brewery such as Robinsons enhance their safety by providing brand new portable CO2 monitors, going above and beyond to help keep their staff safe. 

Who are Robinsons?

Robinsons is a family-run local brewery, founded in Stockport in the mid 1800’s. After brewing their first ales in 1849, they quickly expanded to make a name for themselves throughout the Stockport area. They have now been based in Stockport for over 184 years, and are managed by the sixth generation of the Robinsons family. Having grown their business across much of the North-West, Yorkshire and Wales, Robinsons have earned the status of one of the most iconic breweries in the UK.

Robinsons have gained a global reputation for their top-of-the-range beers, with their full portfolio making waves in the beverage industry. Their iconic Old Tom strong Ale has won 50 awards since 1968. Robinsons have even been recognised for their premium quality British beer outside of the brewing industry, collaborating with heavy metal legends Iron Maiden for the full flavoured TROOPER beer range.

Robinsons were adamant on finding a gas detection supplier that matched their ethos, and with both Robinsons and IGD being some of the oldest companies in the UK, it was a perfectly suited partnership.

Robinsons Brewery

What are the Gas Hazards in the Brewing Industry?

Breweries such as Robinsons can have a large number of gas hazards throughout the process of creating their products, from fermentation to consumer purchase. These can include CO2, Nitrogen and Sulphur Dioxide. In Robinsons case, their most pressing gas hazard was CO2. This being produced mostly from the fermentation process, but also being present in the bottling, delivery and beer tapping processes. Thus, CO2 was a massive hazard for Robinsons, warranting the use of a portable CO2 monitor.

Brewery Worker with iGAS

Robinsons decided to implement the iGAS portable CO2 monitor for their engineers, due to the hazards they were facing whilst servicing cellars and replacing kegs. Pub cellars have their own hazards due to them being a confined space and containing CO2 bottles. CO2 is also classed as a toxic hazard under the COSHH regulations; therefore, it can be a massive threat within these areas. Thus, PPE is required before entry and whilst working in these areas, spurring Robinsons into implementing the iGAS portable CO2 monitor.

Why did Robinsons Need a New Portable CO2 Monitor

Robinsons were unsatisfied with their current supplier, due to a number of complications with their devices. They found their current devices to be hugely inaccurate and overly sensitive, making each day of work difficult due to false readings and alarms. With a battery life of only 8 hours and issues with the charging port reliability, disruptions in workflow were common. Ultimately, this resulted in most engineers not using their Portable CO2 monitor, putting them in danger from the hazards of CO2 gas.

This meant it was crucial for Robinsons to implement a new portable CO2 monitor solution to strengthen the safety of their team of engineers.

IGD’s Portable CO2 Monitor Solution

With both IGD and Robinsons being some of the oldest companies based in Stockport, we were happy to offer them a detectably better solution for their portable CO2 monitor needs.

IGD supplied Robinsons with the iGAS CO2, which eliminated all of their issues and also went above and beyond to offer a range of additional benefits. The iGAS portable CO2 monitor operates on a 14 day run time, one of the longest operating times currently available on the market. This portable CO2 monitor is one of the most durable on the market, offering an extensive datalogging capability in a fully maintainable device. The iGAS is chargeable via a Micro USB, massively increasing the convenience when charging as well as allowing for charging on-the-go.

Pictured: iGAS portable carbon dioxide monitor. Available from IGD with next day delivery.

How Robinsons Enhanced their Safety with the iGAS Portable CO2 Monitor

After hearing about Robinsons concerns, IGD offered them a 90 day trial run with the iGAS portable CO2 monitor before purchase. This try-before-you-buy helped aid Robinsons in the process of implementing these units. Allowing them to utilise these in various areas of the business in addition to getting a feel for the instrument and all of its features, such as the datalogging capabilities. Ultimately, ensuring they were employing the right device for the team as well as enhancing their safety on site.

Allen Bellamy, a Trade Quality Brewer at Robinsons spoke with IGD shortly after the iGAS Portable CO2 monitors trial run. He said that he and his team were astounded by the impressive lifetime of the iGAS, running on a 14 day lifetime, as it massively reduced the disruptions in workflow amongst the team. The notification of a low battery was crucially helpful, as this could help his team in planning when to charge their devices in between shifts.

Allen’s team were also impressed by the simple nature of the iGAS, being able to turn on and use within seconds. Allen also discussed the substantial benefit of the USB charging port on the iGAS portable CO2 monitor. This enabled his team to charge their devices from anywhere at any time (even in their car), ensuring reliable and continuous protection from the hazards of CO2.

Ultimately, Implementing the iGAS was a no brainer for Robinsons. The success of the trial meant the team of engineers welcomed the iGAS Portable CO2 monitor into their daily routine. After deciding to implement the iGAS, IGD were able to send Robinsons their Portable CO2 monitors within 24 hours. IGD also downloaded and provided all previous events and data logs to Robinsons, helping them to get started in the datalogging process.


In conclusion, employing the iGAS Portable CO2 monitor was an enormous success for Robinsons, helping them to strengthen their team safety. Robinsons have now acquired an entire fleet of iGAS’ due to the outstanding benefits of the device and IGDs servicing package. This has made Robinsons more secure in the gas safety of their external team as well as in each of their pubs across the country. This has even inspired the team to recommend the iGAS to other sectors of the business, including their new brewery site and the logistics colleagues.

IGD are delighted to have provided the iGAS Portable CO2 monitor for Robinsons Brewery. Robinsons are now leading the way for gas safety in the Beverage industry. Helping to demonstrate the importance of gas detection for this industry and how easy it can be with IGD.

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