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IC Filling Systems – Black Thistle Distilleries takes delivery of Semi-Automatic Bottling Line


Black Thistle Distilleries have just taken delivery from IC Filling Systems of a complete semi-automatic bottling line for their premium range of spirits (vodka and gin) including:

•    A 2 injector bottle rinser with filtration system (for rinsing their bottles with diluted spirit)
•    A four valve bottle filler (vacuum assisted)
•    A filtration system with stainless steel 10 micron filter cartridges
•    A T-cork applicator
•    A lever operated PVC heat shrink capsule sealer
•    A Semi-automatic label applicator with optical spotting of base notch

This semi-automatic bottling line will allow Black Thistle to produce up to 500 bottles an hour with their 70cl bottles.



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