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IC Filling Systems – Whiskey bottling line for Clonakilty in Ireland


IC Filling Systems – Whiskey bottling line for Clonakilty in Ireland

Clonakilty Distillery chose an IC Filling Systems complete packaging line for its new bottling hall.

Capable of 1,500 bottles per hour, it comprises a 10-1 filling plus T corker block, a single head capsuling machine and a three stations rotary labelling machine with ink jet date coder incorporated and a complete bottle conveyor system. The new line will be used to bottle Clonakilty’s Whiskey, Gin and Vodka offerings.

The Scully family have farmed this coastal land in the southwest of Ireland for 9 successive generations. Their mission is to create Clonakilty Whiskey utilising the best resources that nature has to offer, prime land, pristine water and salt sea air. The perfect ingredients for a maritime distillery.

Clonakilty grows its own heritage barley on the family farm in the shadow of the Galley Head lighthouse. Centuries of sea mist, soft rain and ocean spray provide a complexity to the soil that permeates through to each individual grain.

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