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Ignite your brewery’s potential with Hypro’s low-pressure CO2 technology


When it comes to optimizing your CO2 recovery, we understand that you need more than just equipment; you need a partner who delivers results. Hypro is that partner, and today, we’re excited to introduce our low-pressure CO2 recovery system – HyCrCTM for breweries and beyond. Hypro technology proven for more than 2 decades, global presence, trusted by major brewers. It’s about amplifying your potential, optimizing your operations, and achieving results that matter.


With over 24 years of pioneering solutions in the industry, Hypro is more than a name; it’s a symbol of trust, innovation, and reliability. Our commitment is to empower your success, whether it’s preserving the purity of your brews, minimizing energy consumption, or simply running a more efficient plant. Hypro’s low-pressure CO2 recovery system isn’t just a technology upgrade; it’s a promise of transformation

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