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 Check out their advice on Packaging including cost effective solutions from our past seminar in this video. 


2020 has brought with it many challenges, and with it, the necessity for businesses to drive online sales. With over 30 years’ experience in the packaging industry, Saxon Packaging understand the value of packaging and the role it plays in supporting online sales. With that in mind, Saxon Packaging outlined some key points businesses should consider when it comes to their packaging requirements.


  1. What is the purpose of the packaging?

This could well be the most important question to ask yourself. Is your primary objective functionality or do you need your packaging to deliver a brand experience? Are you simply transporting your product from A to B or will the packaging be on display? Is the packaging for a particular event/season such as Christmas? Is this the primary or secondary packaging?

Having answers to these questions will help steer you towards what style and type of packaging you will require.


  1. What is going inside the packaging & how is the package being transported?

The size, weight and value of the product will determine which grade of material is used along with specific substrates and print processes recommended by a packaging supplier.

Whether transported via your own vehicle, courier or bulk palletised (to name a few), consideration must be given to how the pack will perform under varying conditions as this will influence how the packaging is designed and structurally engineered.

Using recommended material grades can help to protect goods that are packaged inside and save on costs that would usually be incurred via damages during transportation.


  1. What style of box are you looking for?

Packaging comes in many sizes and styles. Whether for gift or eCommerce, Saxon Packaging offer up-to-date innovative industry standard and bespoke packaging designs which can be designed to fit the products perfectly, whilst increasing product protection and reducing material use and waste.

From simple designs with a one colour logo and easy to open tear strips through to intricate pieces of artwork (up to 8 colour print) with multiple perforations; they are able to provide packaging and print finishes to suit all requirements with both design and financial budgets in mind.

If you are unsure on which style of box is best for you, their in-house design team can examine your product, label positioning, substrate and print finish requirements and collate the information in order to produce the most cost and visually effective packaging solution.


  1. Are you looking to brand your packaging?

There are multiple options available to brand your packaging, whether you need packaging to stand out and resonate with consumers or if you require something more modest like a company logo and a ‘Fragile, This Way Up’ stamp mark. Your packaging, (whether primary or secondary), could well be the first impression your brand makes on customers.

Saxon Packaging have an array of print processes and decorative print finishes & embellishments available to produce extraordinary and basic sustainable packaging solutions to your exacting requirements.

Single Colour Flexo Printed Boxes – Perfect for company name and logo.

1-4 Colours Flexo Printed Boxes – Incorporate the use of more colours for a full coverage design.

Digital Printing – Ideal solution to produce high quality short print runs economically and simplify variable data on packaging, with no plate costs – produced using CMYK.

Hi-Res Photo Quality Litho Print – Ideal for gift packaging. This premium print option gives the same quality print seen in magazines, with no plate costs – produced using CMYK.

Luxury Print Finishes & Embellishments – Used to enhance litho printed packaging, we have a wide range of print finishes & embellishments available including (but not limited to) foil blocking, laminates, spot UV, embossing and fragrance bursts.


  1. What is your packaging budget?

Saxon Packaging understands the significance of keeping costs low, especially in current times. As manufacturers, we have the buying power to purchase materials at competitive prices enabling us to offer our customers products and services at a competitive rate whilst maintaining high quality standards.

With a wealth of experience, Saxon Packaging are able to produce packaging ensuring performance is met; costs are kept to a minimum and an end result that they are proud to have manufactured. In any instance, it is always best to get in touch so they can advise the most cost-effective solution for you.


  1. What is your minimum order quantity?

Saxon Packaging don’t have a minimum order quantity! They have the ability to produce ‘one-offs’ and low volumes if required, but they do offer cost-effective minimum order quantities which are determined by the area of material used, material type, style of box and print requirement. Below are a rough guide to print quantities, but please note these can vary and Saxon Packaging would encourage a conversation with their sales team to discuss further.

0-250 Boxes – Digital printing (recommended)

250-1000 Boxes – Flexographic printing (recommended)

1000+ Boxes – Lithographic or Flexographic printing (recommended)

For more information about our member, Saxon Packaging, please click here. 

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