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Industry Expert, Robin Crawshaw, updates his book ‘Co-Product Feeds in Europe’

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Robin Crawshaw has recently completed a new book on animal feeds from industrial processing.  It follows the production of Co-product Feeds, which was first published in 2001 and was sold in more than 40 countries outside the UK.  The new book is more extensive in that it includes feeds produced in or imported to Europe, and its wider scope embraces feeds for aquaculture as well as those arising from additional processes such as the production of biofuels, fish and land animal processing as well as the fractionation of legume and oil seeds.

Over the last thirty years the author has been involved in the evaluation and use of co-products from baking, bioethanol, brewing and malting, rendering, whisky production, and potato and sugarbeet fractionation. He has worked with and for the European Commission, the European Renderers Association, the Food Standards Agency (England and Wales), the Agricultural Industries Confederation, the Brewing, Food and Beverage Industry Suppliers Association, the Malt Whisky Association and some of the leading companies in these areas.

‘Co-Product Feeds in Europe’ has 14 chapters and 580 pages, which include 100 pages of references.  Price: Oringally £80 inclusive of post and packing. Available from BFBI at a discounted price of £70 inc p&p, please email to order.


About Robin Crawshaw

Robin Crawshaw (is) one of the most cited authors in Feedipedia, Valérie Heuzé, Feedipedia, France

Mr Co-product’ … An impressively knowledgeable touchstone for me over the last 20 years on feed generally and co-product feed materials in particular, Keith Millar, FSA, UK


Reviews on ‘Co-product Feeds in Europe’

Fascinating to read as well as being a definitive guide to the complexities of co-product feeds, Prof. Phil Garnsworthy, Nottingham University, UK

Excellent work.  (This) book is very welcome and important; keeping the knowledge about our feeds high, Dr Martin Alm, European Fat Processors and Renderers Association 


Available from BFBI at a discounted price of £70 inc p&p, please click to send us an email.

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