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International Gas Detectors Introducing New Range: PID Portables


New Product Launch

PID NEO Portable VOC Gas Detection: Launching Autumn 2021.

New Standard in VOC Gas Detection 

IGD are proud to introduce our new partnership with mPower, offering a new range of PIDs in our product line. IGD now offer the NEO; a PID offering PPB and PPM VOC detection and benzene detection. The NEO offers the most stable PPB level on the market along with 3% accuracy, making it one of the most accurate on the market. This revolutionary lightweight portable detector is coupled with IGDs expertise in PIDs, allowing us to set the new standard for VOC detection. Click below to see more about our new mPower NEO VOC and Benzene detectors on our website!

Click here to watch the video on IGD’s new NEO Range 

IGD are also proud to introduce the POLI to their new PID range. This multi gas detector allows IGD to offer PIDs and exotic gases in one smart device, including outstanding features such as a man down alarm and various others.

Click here to read more on their website.

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