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International Gas Detectors’ New Product – IGAS Personal CO2 Monitor


International Gas Detectors (IGD) latest product release is the iGAS personal CO2 monitor. Designed to be a maintainable, compact, and affordable solution for portable carbon dioxide detection. Whether you are working in a hospital or laboratory, in the beverage and hospitality industry, or are utilising dry ice in conjunction with the new COVID vaccine; the iGAS is the ideal portable solution to protect you from the dangers of CO2. 

Longest Battery Run Time in the Industry

The iGAS CO2 combines the latest low powered infrared sensors with leading lithium-ion battery technology. This guarantees that the iGAS personal CO2 monitor has the longest battery run time in the industry. Furthermore, by using the latest lithium-Ion batteries the iGAS CO2 has a faster charge time enabling a run time, in excess, of 7 days on a single charge! As a result, there is less downtime between each charge which is a major drawback for current personal CO2 monitors.

USB Re-Chargeable and Downloadable Alarm Records

By utilising flexible USB charging, the iGAS personal CO2 monitor is incredibly versatile and suitable for a diverse range of applications. This allows users to be flexible when charging the iGAS personal CO2 monitor, including in-car charging, PC/laptop charging or using the supplied international charger. In addition, the iGAS personal CO2 monitor has full alarm record storage, which can be downloaded to a PC/Laptop via USB. This makes it ideal for storing health and safety records.


Maintainable. Compact. Affordable. Personal CO2 Monitor

The iGAS personal CO2 monitor is just that, maintainable, compact and affordable whilst also providing fast and accurate detection to hazardous carbon dioxide gas releases. The monitor combines a rubberised case with its polycarbonate housing design, which provides several benefits. First and foremost, it provides the monitor with an ingress protection rating of IP67 protecting the sensor against dust and water ingress, as well as liquid splashes. The combined rubberised polycarbonate housing ensures the detector is robust, shock proof and lightweight at just 93g! The iGAS personal CO2 monitor has been designed with the customer in mind. Its IP rating, robust lighter weight, ergonomic design, means the iGAS personal CO2 monitor can withstand the harshest of environments. From laboratories and hospitals to the harsh conditions found in the beverage production and refrigeration/cold store industries. This now means the industry has access to an affordable personal CO2 monitor, built and tested to the highest standards.

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