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Introducing The Next-Level Density Meter

After more than 5 decades of innovation, the name of Anton Paar has been synonymous with quality and innovation in density measurement technology. They are now proud to bring you our latest innovation – the most accurate density meter yet.

Driven by their unique Pulsed Excitation Technology, the unit combines what was best from previous models with a new intuitive interface, updated hardware, and an even-smarter measuring algorithm to give 0.000001g/cm3 resolution and 0.000005 g/cm3 accuracy. This Iconic Density Meter is the best yet.

What’s new?

  • Intuitive user interface with 30+ guided user workflows.
  • Customised industry profiles with common methods available
  • Improved operating system for faster operation and data transfer
  • Built-in pressure and dew-point sensors for optimal system performance
  • High-resolution, zoomable camera and enhanced Filling Check™ to ensure error free sampling
  • The most accurate full-range Viscosity correction of any density meter

All three models in the range are characterised by a unique feature set to suit the needs of every industry, from chemicals and petroleum, to beverages and pharmaceuticals:

  • DMA 4101: 4 decimal place measurement. High throughput for quality control, with ultra-fast measurement mode. 4 place results in 20 seconds.
  • DMA 4501: 5 decimal place measurement. The “all-rounder” for high-accuracy measurements applied to a wide range of industries and samples
  • DMA 5001: 6 decimal place measurement. Super-precise measurement mode for the ultimate performance in demanding, high-end R&D applications

The Next-Level Density Meter offers a range of solutions for multi-parameter analysis, and high-throughput automation options. With AP Connect software, data integrity and regulatory compliance is assured. Whatever your application Anton-Paar have the ideal solution.

The Next-Level Density Meter stands as an expression of quality and reliability.

For more information on the Next Level Density Meter, please contact their Sales Manager Steven Vincent –


Jessica Brindley

Jessica Brindley

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