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smart container company
What exactly does The Smart Container Company do?

They have two core products: an IoT device that connects kegs to the internet and their AI software that transforms information (temperature, movement, location and volume) into insights.

But, why does this really matter?  They are revolutionising how beer moves from breweries and into your glass, by reducing the environmental impact, improving profitability and (importantly!) helping to serve fresher beer.

Your opportunity starts here!

The Smart Container Company would like to offer you the opportunity to become a shareholder in the world’s most advanced draught beer technology. They’ve already raised £299,052 – that’s 85% of their funding goal.

You can view their progress and get the latest updates by following their Crowdcube page.


Here’s a few reasons why they think now’s a great time for you to support their mission

  1. Some of the biggest names in the beer industry are piloting the technology. This fundraise will help them set up production and onboard new customers.
  2. Their technology is innovative! They’re the only company in this space that collects temperature, movement, location and volume data in real-time – making us one of a kind!
  3. They are patent pending in over 150 countries and we will be able to apply the technology to other industries in the future.
  4. Last year, they exceeded their fundraising target by 475% so they expect shares to go fast! Now’s your chance to join them in digitising the beer industry and helping get fresher, better quality beer, more sustainably.
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