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J & E Hall’s Cellar Cooler range extended

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The J & E Hall Cellar Plus Cooling System range now includes 10 models. There are six systems with twin indoor coolers and four with a single indoor cooler which extends cooling duty to 10kW nominal. The new condensing units utilise the Copeland Scroll compressor and come complete with all necessary refrigeration controls and components. These new systems have the advantage of longer 50m pipe runs – enabling installation in the most demanding sites.

Each system is supplied with appropriately sized expansion valves and fan discharge air straighteners to enhance air distribution in larger cold rooms. The Cellar Plus systems are suitable for multiple cooling applications in industries beyond pubs, bars and restaurants.

An air temperature range of 4°C to 15°C – adjusted and maintained by the electronic controller – allows product cooling in different industries including fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, dairy products and other items requiring a temperature-controlled environment. These compact cooling systems are also ideal for pharmaceutical and medical goods storage as well as blood and vaccine storage.

The indoor cooling unit was developed specifically for cellar cooling. It has a robust case, can be wall or ceiling mounted and, importantly, has six fins per inch brewery specification evaporator coils which makes it easy to clean and maintain.


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 J & E Hall UK Sales Manager for Commercial Products Paul McDermott said: “They are sold as a system with the condensing unit, controller and evaporator from the same manufacturer all included – often not the case with a typical cooling system – and this helps with the installation. J & E Hall Cellar Plus Cooling Systems are tried and tested, reliable and cost effective. Add the pipework, charge the system with refrigerant and switch the electricity on. It really is not much more complicated than that for the competent installer.”

For larger capacity systems discharge air straighteners are supplied as standard for increased air throw and expansion valves are also supplied for site fitting. The new condensing unit offers many new features including the use of a Copeland Scroll compressor, blue fin coils and pipe runs up to 50m for total flexibility.

Ease of installation keeps costs and time to a minimum for the contractor and low noise means that the condensing units are suitable in or near residential areas. There are single phase and three phase condensing unit options.

The in-built electronic controller fitted as standard makes it easier for the engineer in set-up and provides the customer with the accurate temperature control needed when cooling sensitive products.

Depending on capacity, the systems are able to use R448A or R449. A three-year manufacturer’s warranty gives the installer and the end user total peace of mind.


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