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There were some of Construction Clean‘s  clients who were well in front of the coronavirus outbreak, using Construction Clean’s services to be able to continue to operate, despite the pandemic, and supply crucial packaging and services to amongst others the NHS and the Brewing Industry in the form of new signage.

Having a national presence, covering over 400 sites from Hospitals to offices and manufacturing and food production; working alongside BRC guidelines up and down the UK, Construction Clean can easily apply their protocol to any site large or small and, for BFBi members and UK food & drink manufacturers, offer a free advice service covering all points regarding the current and future situation.

Construction Clean also deals with other issues,  such as natural and biological waste and has arrived at solutions that will  enhance your current cleaning regimes as well as waste and water treatments – all specific to your business.  This service – a visit and consultation – is free or, you may want us to put our money where our mouth is and run proof of concept trials.

From grey water to issues with brewing mash; to malodour caused by uric acids and limescale deposits, Construction Clean has an economical, ecological and biological solution that covers these and many other issues.

If you think we may be able to help, let us know.   5 minutes could change how you react next time and how you work today and tomorrow.  It could increase your profits through better waste management.  Live case studies are available.  The only cost for a consultation is your time so, surely it’s worth that 5 minutes?

For further information or to book a consultation contact Spencer Negus, Managing Director, or telephone +44 (0)07482176137

Ruth Evans

Ruth Evans

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