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KAUP and B&B Attachments Celebrate 40 years in Partnership

KAUP and B&B

KAUP GmbH & Co. KG (KAUP), the world’s largest independent producer of attachments for forklift trucks, and B&B Attachments (B&B), the leading specialist in material handling solutions in the UK and Ireland, are celebrating an major milestone together this year: the 40th anniversary of their partnership.

This began back in 1981 when the newly formed B&B set in motion an agreement with KAUP to be the exclusive agent for KAUP attachments in the UK and Ireland. Today, four decades later, B&B is the most important KAUP representative in the world.

The partnership between KAUP and B&B goes beyond the simple distribution of existing KAUP attachments. The two companies also work together to develop innovative new material handling solutions. Mike Barton, Managing Director at B&B Attachments, recalls one of these projects: “The keg clamp is the result of a collaboration between KAUP and B&B. This project began back in 1982. Our goal was to challenge the market for material handling in UK breweries. The keg clamp enables kegs to be handled without the use of pallets. To date (with the support of KAUP) B&B now has approximately 75% market share of the UK keg clamp market, making the UK the market leader for pallet-less handling in the brewing industry.”


Trusting and openness as the key

Besides innovation, what is the key to 40 years of successful partnership? “Reliability, trusting and openness in communication,” KAUP Managing Director Holger Kaup answers the question. And moreover “B&B offers us a strong distribution network in the UK with an experienced sales team and strong service.”

Mike Barton of B&B Attachments sums up, “Throughout our 40-year partnership with KAUP, we have continuously strived to provide our customers with first-class service and support. We are honoured to be celebrating this partnership and are especially proud to continue it.”

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