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Kent-based hop oil firm expands with move to new warehouse

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Greg Clark, MP for Wells and Chair of the Science and Technology Select Committee, officially opened Totally Natural Solutions’ new warehouse in Paddock Wood. UK-based, Totally Natural Solutions, is making a strategic investment to support exponential growth of its patented natural hop extract business to incorporate an increase in headcount to 30 as well as securing additional premises to further expand.

The first phase of the investment has seen completion of the new warehouse and installation of an automated blend and pack facility to comply with Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards. At 6,500 square feet, the Paddock Wood warehouse allows for 500 pallet spaces supported by investments in stock control systems. This improvement allows TNS to respond with short lead times to its increasing export sales, in markets such as the USA and Asia.

Securing the new site is the latest step in the firm’s overall aim to take on 15,000 square feet by the end of the year. This is part of strategic investments in equipment, team and systems to deliver rapid expansion which has seen TNS grow from start-up to a global brewery partner within eight years. The company was set-up in in 2013 by Colin Wilson, who had previously been operations director with Barth Haas, the world’s largest supplier of hop products and services. Wilson has ambitious growth plans for TNS, including taking its turnover to £25 million over the next three years and the firm is investing heavily to realise this opportunity

The new warehouse fit out has been led and managed by TNS warehouse manager, Nathan Biginton, who joined the company in March.


Colin Wilson, TNS managing director said: “Since joining the firm, Nathan has taken the lead on the project to expand our stock management and storage facility. He has been working to create optimal conditions for our hops to be stored to ensure they receive VIP treatment before and after being turned into our exceptional hop oils.


“The new warehouse is the first of many major developments in our ongoing expansion plans for TNS. Some of the team have already moved over to the warehouse as we have outgrown our current space.


“We are grateful to have Nathan on board to ensure the transition continues to run smoothly. His experience and expertise are very much valued, particularly through this period of growth and as we prepare for further expansion.


“Our customer base and technical reputation is growing internationally, and we are working to enhance new and existing relationships with brewers of all sizes across the world.


“Innovation and sustainability are core to all that we do at TNS. We are here to support brewers and the wider industry in the process of using extracts to reduce water use, beer loss and energy consumption.”


Mr Greg Clark visited and spent time with the TNS team on site, learning more about the Company’s growth and expansion plans and shared his thoughts: “It’s fantastic to see this new facility and to hear from the team behind an astonishing breakthrough in the traditions of hop growing and marketing in Kent. The possibilities of hop oil being used by craft brewers and major brewers is almost infinite and it’s tremendously exciting to know that such a creative and scientifically innovative company is based in my constituency.”


Warehouse manager, Nathan Biginton said: “It’s exciting to be part of the expansion and growth at TNS. I’m able to draw on my experience to create environments and systems that will ensure this continues to be a smooth and efficient operation. The prospect of integrating not just a warehouse but a stock control system into the business is something that I am looking forward to facilitating and managing.


“I have a passion for hops and brewing which started when I wanted to brew my own Green Hop Ale.  After several years in the hop industry, I feel confident to lead the TNS warehouse team to new heights.”


TNS provides its innovative hop oil and natural bittering extracts to the brewing industry for replacement of dry hopping, addition of late hop flavour and standardisation of bitterness profile., Its hop products can also be used in a range of diverse applications, such as beauty and skin care, hard seltzers, gin and other spirits to improve flavour and baking. TNS uses a natural process of oil extraction to retain the quality of aroma and flavour profiles from hop cones. Its patented fractionation processes allow the oils to be finetuned to meet brewer specifications. No chemical solvents or additives are involved.

The natural extracts can be used to complement or replace the use of hop cones and pellets, adding aroma and flavour impact across a range of lager, IPA and low alcohol beer styles. The increasing popularity of low and no-alcohol beer brings additional challenges in meeting flavour expectations which TNS’s hop oil extracts are well placed to meet. The recently launched HopZero® range increases beer body and provides the required flavour profile, improving the sensory experience for the consumer.

The product portfolio continues to expand to meet brewers needs and heralds an exciting new dawn for TNS and its employees.

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