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Leading machine vision expert joins Bytronic


Vision engineer Iain Clowery sets his sights on UK’s leading Cognex integrator

UK, January 2023: Bytronic Vision Intelligence has strengthened its UK team with the appointment of expert vision engineer Iain Clowery.

Iain joins UK-based Bytronic as technical manager specialising in vision and ID after a career in vision engineering spanning almost 30 years.

During two decades at the global machine vision supplier Cognex he helped develop the software that powers the cameras and imaging software now used by many of the world’s largest companies.

In his new role, he will work with Bytronic’s growing list of manufacturing customers, building vision projects to help improve productivity and speed up moves towards smarter factory automation.

Martin Hurworth, CEO of Bytronic, said: “Iain joining us is a real endorsement of our business and a sign of our reputation in the industry. His technical knowledge of vision is second to none and I’m really excited to have him on the team. Our partnership with Cognex has never been stronger, and now with Iain here that will only get better, allowing us to help more customers transform their productivity with vision.”

Iain’s work at Cognex involved helping to develop deep learning camera software now used by logistics companies handling millions of parcels each day.

With Bytronic being rated Platinum as a Partner Systems Integrator for Cognex since 2014, and more recently Logistics Partner Integrator since 2021, Iain is joining a team of familiar faces at its Innovation Campus.

Iain Clowery, technical manager for Bytronic, said: “I’ve known of Bytronic for a long time so I’m really looking forward to the new challenge. The team here is Cognex’s ‘go-to’ team for logistics integration and vision expertise. This, plus the variety of projects in logistics and factory automation was the big draw for me.

“Many industries are having to adapt and change in different ways after the pandemic, but what they all have in common is the need to automate to work smarter and more efficiently. That’s where we step in.”

Bytronic has seen a rise in requests for vision systems from companies with global manufacturing sites, with new projects in Canada, Norway, Switzerland and Indonesia within the last six months.

While much of its work is done under confidentiality agreements, its customers include household names in consumer goods, food and beverage, logistics, automotive and battery manufacturing.

About Bytronic Vision Intelligence

Bytronic gives manufacturers the ability to transform factory productivity by improving inspection and monitoring capabilities. Founded in 1997, its 25 years of vision experience gives its team a unique capability, solving hundreds of applications globally by combining thermal imaging, deep learning and edge vision.

Bytronic has been a Platinum Partner for Teledyne FLIR since 2020. In 2014 it became the UK’s first Platinum Partner Systems Integrator (PSI) for Cognex, later becoming its first UK Logistics Partner Integrator (LPI) in 2021.

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