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Lehui praised for the mega tanks project in AB-Inbev, Mexico


A senior AB-Inbev team visited their greenfield project in Mexico last week, where they inspected tanks that Lehui had constructed and installed. The AB-Inbev team appreciated the efforts of the Lehui and commended the team on a doing a great the through job.

This Grupo Modelo project , is one of the biggest and most successful international project managed by Lehui International, it spans 92 large sized fermentation and bright beer tanks, with a mix of 1500hl,9600hl Fermentation Tanks and 3000hl BBTs.

Most of the equipment diameters are in excess of 9 meters and hence for this project tank sections from China were shipped as break bulk cargo and Mexican subsidiary of Lehui completed the on-site fabrication and installation. The installed capacity of this pant in phase I and II is  12 million hectolitre and the footprint of the plant is designed for a potential capacity of 24 million hectolitre per annul .

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