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Slater’s Ales Sharp New Designs

Slater’s Ales asked LemonTop to create some eye-catching sharp designs for their new canned range. A simple request, but from the outset they said they wanted something unusual, something that would stand out on the shelf, and something that would make people think differently about their ales. Slater’s had always been known for creating unique flavours and have won awards for many of their Ales, so they wanted something quite unique for their new canned range. LemonTop’s job was to apply their beer branding experience and design something that no one had seen before.

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Is your Brand ready for a new digital world?

When surveyed*, 31% of workers said that when their office re-opens, they would be more likely to accept a job that is entirely remote in the future (* This means a future with even more digital communication, online messaging and video conferencing. Is your brand ready for what this new digital world will bring?

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You brew it, LemonTop will brand it 
You’ve spent hours perfecting your beer but if you don’t promote it right, you’re not going to sell it. That’s where LemonTop come in. They can help you design and produce everything from Logo and Brand identity, Labels and Packaging, all the way through to e-commerce websites and everything in-between.

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