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Limited Time to invest in Smart Container Company

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With 723 investors and £605,000 (172%) raised to date, Smart Container Company are proud and thankful for the support throughout the last few weeks.

Once their Seed B round concludes, all of their 2020 investors will have secured an amazing 400% increase in the value of their investment in just over a year! This is great news, only to be complimented by further good news — it’s not too late for you to join in on this round!

Just 7 days remain, so time is of the essence if you wish to purchase your shares, and join the Smart Container Company journey.

Raising as much as possible now will allow Smart Container Company to launch Kegtracker and BeverEDGE to market, and scale rapidly, giving them a strong first-mover advantage.

Below is a breakdown of how Smart Container Company intend to utilise this capital.
*percentages are subject to the amount of money we raise

View Smart Container Company Pitch here

Still unsure? Here are a few reasons to invest

  1. The team include some of the biggest names in beer: Chairman Gary Bull, is the former Head of Finance at SABMiller Procurement, and Hector Gorosabel, the recently retired CEO of Asahi International, is on the board of Advisors.
  2. 2020 Seed A investors achieved a 4x multiple on the value of their investment in just over a year.
  3. Their pilot clients combined account for 26% of the 9 million kegs in the UK, and they’re keen to start using Smart Container Company services.

Smart Container Company are really excited for what the future holds, and the impact that their technology will have on the beverage industry. We hope you’ll join their existing investors and help them create a more profitable and sustainable beer industry for all.

The Smart Container Company

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