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LineView Solutions Introduces Clean in Place (CIP) Monitoring System


LineView Solutions announced that their industry-leading line monitoring system, LineView, is the first of its kind to integrate clean-in-place (CIP) monitoring.  Offered as a premium efficiency feature, CIP Monitor offers high speed plants in food and beverage industries an effective means to optimise clean-in-place routines.


For manufacturers that require high levels of hygiene, clean-in-place is a widespread method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly.


“Unfortunately, many shop floors still have blinds spots like clean-in-place routines,” explains Andrew Giles, Commercial Director at LineView. “Clean-in-place processes are notoriously difficult to visualise and are typically only accessible via a standalone SCADA system. On the flip side, optimising these processes can offer easy gains with a minimal investment.”


Clean-in-place systems have evolved since inception in the 1950s and are now fully automated solutions with PLCs and sensors but are not easily integrated into plant data systems. Clean-in-place results can be unreliable without data to optimise variables such as sanitising product consumption, dilutions and run time.


Giles continues, “For operations and quality teams, the benefits of using CIP Monitor are obvious. With cleaning cycle analysis, they can eliminate clean-in-place failure and benchmark routines. This means faster cleaning times, optimized settings and lower effluent waste.”


Maintaining a hygienic process environment to ensure product quality and purity is the driver for clean-in-place, and compliance with food safety regulations is critical another critical component of CIP Monitor. The system extends well past visualisation, with built in traceability for each step to validate compliance.


“CIP Monitor ensures food safety regulations are met and documented with single click validation of CIP completion,” concludes Mr. Giles.


LineView founder, Ian Rowledge comments on how the feature has been received by early adopters, “We have several high-volume sites using CIP Monitor with great success. One such site reported potential savings of 10% through the elimination of steps repeating and step overruns that were previously unknown.

With benchmarking and improved consistency, operations and quality teams can easily find a balance and consistently achieve ‘right first time’ clean-in-place and track compliance.”


Adding CIP Monitor to a LineView system offers complete shop-floor visualization. The system is configurable for every cleaning parameter of their clean-in-place including time, temperature, flow, conductivity, water and wastewater.


For more information on our member LineView Solutions, please click here.

Daneille Guthrie

Daneille Guthrie

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