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Metal can double seam assessment and troubleshooting


The integrity of double seam is crucially important to the entire production process of metal cans. Any double seam defects can adversely affect the quality and safety of food and drink products.

At Campden BRI, they provide complete double seam assessment and evaluation solutions for food and drink cans. Their experienced packaging team not only determine double seam defects but can also assist in identifying and understanding their root causes, giving you confidence that your consumers will receive a safe product.

They can assess internal and external dimensions for any defects and breaching of critical seam parameters using two methods:

  • Manual seam teardown
  • Sectioning with the use of a CMC Kuhnke seam imager
CMC Kuhnke seam imaging.
Double seam dimensional terminology.

With a unique range of disciplines under one roof, they apply a bespoke and multidisciplinary approach to double seam assessment. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Air pressure testing – to detect leaks from the double seam and the can’s body
  • Internal vacuum pressure measurement – to test can integrity
  • Compound weight and distribution
  • Sterility testing – to detect any microbiological activity
  • Small scale production trials including recipe preparation, carbonation, liquid nitrogen dosage, can seaming, processing and storage under various conditions. All can be supported with sensory assessment, elemental analysis and shelf-life determination.

Contact them and speak to their seam experts today. Their team will quickly assess and investigate your double seam challenges and support you with your unique needs.

You can rely on Campden BRI to protect your business. Partnering with them means being supported by a dedicated team with an unrivaled depth of knowledge and breadth of experience. For them, it is about more than just providing analysis and testing, it is about being there for you as a full-solutions partner. Whatever your needs are, they will work with you to find the right solution for your business.

Campden BRI


Makisha Schultz

Makisha Schultz

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