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Muntons Helps Brewers Punch Above Their Weight in Fast-Growing Alcohol-Free Market


2022 Global Brewing Supply Award winners, Muntons, launched their Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract back in March 2021 with the goal of helping all brewers easily produce 0% ABV beers that didn’t just taste good as alcohol-free beers, but tasted great as beers in their own right.

Now it is more important than ever to create full bodied and fresh tasting alcohol-free beers for a rapidly growing number of highly discerning consumers. The Non-Alcohol Beer market is the space to watch with revenue in this segment amounting to just shy of £300 million in 2022 and expected to grow annually by 12.68% (CAGR 2022-2025). Which is why specialist brewing technologists at Muntons have continued to focus on perfecting methodology and accessibility to this market by running free workshops for their brewery customers and now releasing an Expert Guide revealing new flavour ideas and techniques.

Rob Urquhart, NPD Champion & Brewing Technologist for Muntons passionately explains his work,
“By helping brewers more easily create their own styles of alcohol-free beer we hope to support a revolution. Increasing the richness of choice for consumers and improving the overall quality of great tasting alcohol-free beers.”

Rob continues, “In creating the recipe for our Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract, which took our team over two years to perfect, we had to find the balance between bringing mouthfeel, depth and flavour to 0% ABV beers but keeping it versatile as a base to which brewers can add their own craft and personal approach reflecting their style.”

The result is an extract that is already being trialled in a significant number of breweries around the world and has been successfully used in commercial beers ranging from black lagers (see Good Karma), stouts to IPA’s and Pale Ales, including a Brussel’s Beer Challenge gold medal winner (Neon Rain from Mash Gang).

“With the help of the team at Muntons we embarked on a project to create a low ABV beer using their Premium Alcohol Free Malt Extract. I have a deep love of all things fermented and have had bad experiences with low ABV beers, so I was sceptical of the extract at first. I expected the project to take some time, but we liked the first prototype so much we entered it in the Brussels Beer Challenge hoping it would do well and didn’t disappoint – it won Gold!” Jordan, Mash Gang

So, the message to breweries is don’t delay. Download a free copy of the latest thinking on creating the best 0% ABV beers join the 0% Revolution today.

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