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Muntons take full ownership of their Thailand plant

Originally constructed as a Joint Venture operation, on 22nd March 2019 Muntons completed the full purchase of their malted ingredients vacuum band drying manufacturing plant in Thailand. The plant is now wholly owned by Muntons PLC and the facility is called Muntons Ingredients (Thailand) Limited. The purchase cements our position as a global manufacturer and supplier of malted ingredients.

Malt-based vacuum band dried products made in this state-of-the-art plant, provide the ideal base for malted milk drinks, confectionery and bakery applications.  The plant was officially opened in April 2016 and products made in the Thailand facility are sold around the world utilising a base of malt extract made and supplied from our Stowmarket facility.

The South East Asia market offers a wealth of opportunity for Muntons, through its combination of high population density and local consumers with a strong affinity for the taste of malt.  In Asia, malted beverages are often consumed as cold, refreshing drinks, rather than the more usual relaxing bedtime tipple we know in the UK, as the blend of complex sugars, naturally present in malted milk drinks, provide a useful slow energy release.

Mark Tyldesley, Muntons Managing Director, commented: “this is an exciting move for us and marks the beginning of a new chapter for our Thailand factory.”

Muntons has a locally based new product development team helping to shape the products made in their newly acquired plant to meet the exacting needs of the local market.  This, coupled with the expertise and skills provided from their UK head office, ensures that products made in Asia have a global appeal, helping to strengthen Muntons position as a global player in malt and malted ingredients.



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