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Never Fear, the Beer Check is Here!


Designed to help beer creators, distributors and pubs determine the quality and mix of gases used for dispensing beer.

This great little analyser is small, portable and accurate. It’s great for checking gas mixes of CO2 in N2, like in cylinders of mixed gas. You can also check the presence of O2 in the output of N2 generators. The touch screen additionally displays gas temperatures and has a rechargeable battery so you can carry it to where it’s needed.

This easy to use handheld gas analyser has 3 modes:

  • Displays the mix percentage of CO2 in N2 when mixed together.
  • Will show the percentage of CO2 in Air when flushing a keg after cleaning.
  • Will show the amount of residual O2 in the output of a N2

This handy little device will make your life easier in the cellar, brewery or distributors.

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