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New Member Visit to PRO GASES UK LIMITED


Ruth Evans MBE visited new Member, Pro Gases UK, based in Liverpool.

Listed as the UK’s largest independent beverage gases and bulk green CO2 supplier, Pro Gases UK is quickly making its mark within the gas industry, since its inception in 2014. A family run business, Michael Donovan started in the industry 45 years ago – initially providing propane, butane, LPG gas direct to the consumer. Over the years Michael expanded into food grade beverage gases, and most recently into industrial gases direct to businesses with his son William Donovan.

The business provides four key services:

  • Bulk gases
  • Beverage gases
  • Industrial gases
  • Wholesale cylinders.

Ruth met with Kirsty Donovan, Michael’s daughter and Head of Marketing.  Kirsty discussed their services (mentioned above) and emphasised that all their Carbon Dioxide (CO2) used in beverage and industrial gases is from biogas plants – a renewable source. A smart move, as this ensures a sustainable and environmentally green product, as well as providing security against future CO2 shortages such as those experienced in 2021.

Pro Gases UK supplies bulk green CO2 across the country using their own fleet of tankers, to customers such as brewers, food and beverage producers, and farmers to name a few. They also supply beverage and industrial cylinder gas within the North West region.  All beverage gases available are filled at their filling site with food grade CO2 (green) and mixed gas (either 30/70 or 60/40).

Pro Gases UK also supplies wholesale cylinders for industrial and beverage gases, available in sizes:

  • 10L (230 bar)
  • 20L (230 bar)
  • 30L (230 bar and 300 bar)
  • 50L (230 bar and 300 bar)
  • Multi 16 Cylinder Packs.

Purchases of cylinders come with a full maintenance and repair service – a one-stop shop.

The site was certainly busy when Ruth visited. The company has rapidly expanded in recent years, investing heavily in its filling capability, with more expansion planned in 2023 with another beverage filling station, as well as more road tankers for bulk gases.

Kirsty’s brother, Will Donovan, joined the company four years ago as Managing Director and has driven the recent changes and strategy going forward, taking Pro Gases UK to new heights.

Being an independent company, Pro Gases UK can be extremely competitive on price, fast and flexible with delivery, and provides a personal service.  Kirsty believes that Pro Gases UK is the only independent, family run business in this space, as well as supplier who provides green CO2.

If you would like to know more about Pro Gases UK services, or how to obtain your beverage gas from Pro Gases UK, contact Kirsty Donovan on or visit

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