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NEW MINI Canfill is available from IC Filling Systems


he MINI Canfill range offers a flexible approach to the canned beverage process. Utilising a modular design, we can incorporate additional modules without the need to purchase completely new machinery.

The MINI Canfill range is designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy and certified CE conform.

A basic MINI Canfill System consists of two integrated stations, all within the base unit:

  1. Purge/Fill Station
  2. Seaming Station. The system adapts to handle a wide range of can sizes.

MINI Canfill specifications

  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Trolley/Desktop mounted framework for ease of use with self locking wheels.
  • 2 x fill head complete with pneumatic valves and flow control (Food grade plastic).
  • 2 x stainless steel CO2 or nitrogen purge stations.
  • 2 x fully adjustable flow control stations.
  • 2 x fully adjustable electronic fill level sensors.
  • Single head semi-automated seamer complete with double operation seaming tools.
  • Post seaming water bath station.
  • 1 x Dedicated air jet for can drying.
  • Small footprint.

· Fully CE certified.


Ruth Evans

Ruth Evans

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