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NEW! Verderflex Ds500 peristaltic metering and dosing pump

ds500 touch screen


The new Ds500 metering and dosing pump has been specifically designed for challenging traditional technological solutions to certain pumping applications. The principle behind this technology is to improve the accuracy and save the end user money with both direct costs in terms of chemical usage and indirect costs by minimal tool free maintenance and servicing.

Key features:

  • No valves – no clogging or gassing issues
  • True self priming and dry running pump
  • Great for abrasive products, and those with soft and/or hard solid content
  • Tool free cartridge change in seconds
  • Easy to set up and use with touchscreen control
  • Accurate flow performance from 0.1 to 500ml/min and pressures of up to 7 bar
  • Minimal fluid ‘live’ containment ensures user safety and reduced clean up
  • Remote assistant to support monitoring and ensure accuracy in the process

The Remote Assistant IOT enabled app supports monitoring but does not allow you to control the pump. It ensures accuracy in your process and adds value because it lets you record performance, plan maintenance and prevent downtime by providing alerts on problems. Machine learning can harness the ‘intel’ from your system of pumps to help predict cartridge life before failure and allow efficient maintenance planning. Real-time equipment monitoring via the RA app provides a simple ‘is it running?’ message to complex data analysis and recording. The cartridge life countdown function empowers the operator to plan around operations and reduce component changeover and plan sufficient spare part stocking.

This pump is ideal for metering and dosing, disinfectants, pigments, acids/alkalis, cleaning agents, sampling, flocculants and additives.

This new innovative pump will revolutionise metering in both the industrial and municipal world!



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