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No Monkey Business with Ape’s Packaging

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Ape (part of Nurture Brands Ltd) are ‘cutting the monkey business’ with snacks made from “only the best plant based ingredients and tastiest natural flavours” which are available to buy in various stores and online via Ocado for home delivery (handy at times like these!) And of course to ensure those snacks stay just as delectable, Ape have sourced some rather great packaging (if we don’t say so ourselves)!

Saxon Packaging‘s relationship with Ape began in November 2019 when they received an enquiry for an e-commerce/gift packaging solution that needed to be printed both internally & externally, be complementary of their detailed artwork and that would withstand courier transport.

After reviewing their artwork, quantity required and packaging ability (to be transported and house food) their packaging sales team recommended using their digital print solution direct onto a 150WTK/150WTK B Flute material using the standard FEFCO 0247 style (you can view all standard FEFCO box styles here).

The end result was a packaging solution which ties in with their core brand values and ethos, evoking a feeling of freshness and vitality.

“With an initial order of 1000 units and a tight deadline, the packaging solution was designed, produced and delivered on time, resulting in a successful example as to what can be achieved with digital printing at Saxon Packaging.” – Ape (Nurture Brands Ltd).

“Ape’s packs really do look great! Not only am I delighted with the outcome of the finished packaging design, I’m really pleased to have worked on a packaging solution for a brand that is doing so much to support the environment”. Emma Bishop – Sales Coordinator (Saxon Packaging)

As well as Ape being very conscious of what goes into their products, they too are equally interested in their environmental impact, and as such, are part of the 1% For The Planet movement; donating 1% of their revenue to environmental organisations so that collectively, they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems. (Source:

Discover more about Ape’s plant based products via their website:

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