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NZ Hops Ltd partners with UK firm Totally Natural Solutions Ltd, in an exciting move designed to deliver more efficient and sustainable access to NZ Hops worldwide.


NZ Hops Ltd, New Zealand’s leading supplier of NZ grown hops to the world, has today announced an exciting new partnership agreement with UK-based Totally Natural Solutions (TNS) who are providers of innovative, natural hop oil extracts to the brewing industry, and beyond.

Craig Orr, CEO of NZ Hops, says: “This is a really exciting new partnership agreement for us. We are seeing greater demand for our hops as we deliver flavours and aromas that are unique to our NZ grown varieties. This deal allows us to increase the accessibly of what we offer”.

TNS was formed in 2013 by former Barth Haas Director Colin Wilson. With a focus on sustainability the TNS business uses patented hop oil fractionation processes, to deliver clean label hop extracts for the developing Craft Beer sector.  The natural extracts can be used to complement or replace the use of hop cones and pellets, adding aroma and flavour impact across a range of lager, IPA and low alcohol beer styles. With increasing popularity in the low and no-alcohol beer market especially, comes additional challenges in meeting flavour expectations and these hop oil extracts are well placed to deliver the punch that’s needed, improving the sensory experience for the consumer.

There are multiple benefits for brewers who can use the hop oil extracts to improve the intensity and consistency in their beer flavours. They can reduce waste allowing the balance of bitterness, aroma and flavour to be easily corrected if need be, and they certainly help to reduce inventory and simplify supply chain.

“This is an exciting growth phase for us” says Colin Wilson, of TNS. “Forming a partnership with the leading hop cooperative in New Zealand, allows us to apply our know how to their diverse and unique range of flavours and aromas. It’s a perfect marriage of technology, expertise and the finest quality raw material.”

For NZ Hops the partnership agreement aligns with their focus on sustainability, and building their reputation as the most revered supplier of hops to the world. The emphasis on innovation is a key part of NZ Hops’ new business model designed to reach new markets and segments from a brand-led strategy.  “The process of extraction of the precious oils sees less waste in the overall hop, and the final products extend our market offering and ultimately the consumer experience of our hops. It’s a win-win” says Craig.

“The opportunities here go beyond brewers and beers”, says Colin. “There is a world of opportunity for creative use of natural hop oil extracts in all number of applications allowing more people to enjoy the experience of NZ hops in, and beyond the beer glass.”

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