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Packo ZS Pump Series by Verder UK

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Highly viscous liquids can be a challenge to pump, which is a common problem in the food and beverage industry. Malt, syrups, sauces, oils, and foams are just a few examples of these liquids. They can become damaged or damage the pump itself. Using a pump that is not specifically manufactured for these applications can lead to high energy costs, especially if the efficiency is not high enough.

If you are using a pump that is not designed with these specific tricky fluids in mind, then your process efficiency can be affected. This can lead to problems such as increased downtime due to maintenance, or even higher energy costs due to having to run the pump at a higher duty.

But this is not the case with Packo ZS twin screw pumps: they are designed to handle viscous liquids. These pumps can be adapted to suit your needs in hygienic applications such as dairies, breweries, and bakeries, through pumping milk, transferring yeast, or dough. Thanks to this versatility, they can be used at many different stages and for many applications, allowing you to simplify your maintenance by standardising across the Packo ZS range. Using one pump for multiple applications can simplify your spare part stocking requirements and reduce the need to train engineers across several pump types.

Cleanliness is critical in food and beverage applications, and that’s another area where the Packo ZS twin screw pumps shine. The Packo ZS twin screw pumps have been certified to 3A and EC1935/2004. There are no dead spaces or dead corners, preventing bits of food getting stuck and increasing risk of contamination. These pumps are clean in place (CIP) compatible, meaning there is no dismantling required to clean the pump. This makes it very quick and easy to clean, saving you precious time and reducing maintenance costs at the same time. All Packo pumps are electropolished as standard, improving the cleanability of your pump, and reducing your overall maintenance costs. With different surface finishes for different applications available, e.g. surface finishes for pharmaceutical purposes can be electropolished to 0.8 μm surface roughness.

Energy bills can vary a lot between one pump and another. Fortunately, the Packo ZS twin screw pumps have excellent pump efficiency and extremely low NPSH values. Given the current times of energy costs being on the rise, lowering your energy costs will be a substantial benefit for your business.

Downtime is important to keep under control in order to reduce precious time spent on maintenance. The Packo ZS twin screw pump series have a reduced downtime, with the top and bottom shafts being able to be switched without requiring gearbox disassembly. The above ultimately lead to lower maintenance costs for your company.

Packo, part of the Verder Group, handles the research, design, and manufacturing process in-house. This means that you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer, not a distributor, giving you lots of options for customisation. There are over 1000 different configurations of Packo pumps available! Products sold are exclusively made by Packo, no one else.

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