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PAR Group Expand CNC Milling Capabilities


PAR Group have improved their timing screw, scroll, screw feed and auger manufacturing capabilities with the purchase of a new CNC 4th axis milling machine.

The new equipment, commissioned earlier this month, is some of the most advanced milling technology available on the market. It compliments a number of similar machines already in operation at PAR and provides improvements such as an increased bed size, integrated 4th axis capability, and live tooling provision. This allows for the manufacture of scrolls and augers up to 1 metre in length which is significantly larger than possible with PAR Group’s previous machine capabilities.

Timing Screws & Scrolls

Timing screws and scrolls are complex engineering plastic components that are used to guide bottles, cans and containers through packaging, filling, capping and labelling lines within the brewing, beverage and food industries. They are typically manufactured from UHMW polyethylene or acetal and can be machined in various colours. They often integrate with plastic change pats which can also be manufactured by PAR.

Augers & Screw Feeds

Augers and screw feeds (also known as flexible spirals or flexible screws) are more commonly used in the solids handling and processing industry for the compacting, dosing and bulk transfer of product such as flakes, granules and powders. They are typically manufactured from UHMW polyethylene, acetal or nylon, providing advantages over metal versions such as noise reduction, lighter weight, lower friction and improved product release properties.

With a team of highly experienced engineers plus the latest CAD software, PAR Group can precision engineer these products to exact customer requirements. Single unit or large quantity orders can be undertaken, manufacturing from a wide range of stocked engineering plastic materials.

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Makisha Schultz

Makisha Schultz

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