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Parker Bioscience launches gas filter to cut costs and reduce contamination


Parker Bioscience, a division of Parker Hannifin, said the launch of its ASEPT-X range of sterilizing gas filters means the dairy industry can reduce the risk of contamination, and cut costs.

The filters have been designed to provide sterile gas for critical processes, increase microbial security and reduce consumable costs in the aseptic processing of sensitive food and beverage products.

The new filters have been validated to withstand harsh reverse steam sterilization processes without the need for condensate management, as they have the ability to pass bulk liquid condensate.

Reverse steam cycles

Previously, sterile air and gas filters may have failed due to their hydrophobic nature and their inability to pass bulk condensate under high-pressure reverse steam cycles.

However, Parker Bioscience said the membrane composition of ASEPT-X is capable of withstanding reverse steam cycles without fail and therefore can offer a greater filter lifetime compared to other sterilizing gas filters.

The reduction in filter failure and consequential filter replacements means not only can dairy producers save on consumable costs, but ASEPT-X’s design also helps safeguard the sterile gas process and reduce the risk of contamination, as there is less risk of a process running with a damaged filter.

ASEPT-X filters are capable of withstanding 100 x Steam In Place (SIP) cycles in the reverse direction without the requirement to drain bulk condensate and are capable of withstanding aggressive differential pressures at steam temperatures in the reverse direction of up to 1.5barg at 140°C.

The filters are also fully validated for bacterial, spore and bacteriophage retention.

Varied industries

Ian Curran, market development manager – food & beverage processing at Parker Bioscience, said, “The dairy industry is looking to new technology to support it in reducing product losses increasing efficiency and cutting operational costs.?

“As a long-time partner of the dairy industry, Parker Bioscience has a deep understanding of the sector’s needs and this has helped to shape the development of the ASEPT-X range.?

“ASEPT-X filters offer an innovative solution that will help manufacturers to overcome the challenges associated with maintaining filter integrity and sterility in aseptic processing operations.”?

The Parker Bioscience division has operations in Oxnard, California and Birtley, UK. Parker Bioscience works in the dairy, brewing, bottled water and wine industries, and supports companies in improving process control, efficiency and security throughout their production and packaging processes.

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