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People who aren’t able to get to their local pub in light of coronavirus are being encouraged to help save thousands of small independent breweries, bottle shops and retailers across the UK and Europe.

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A new website has been launched today to help save thousands of small independent breweries, taprooms, bottle shops and retailers across the UK and all of Europe affected by coronavirus.

BeerisHere, is a not not-for-profit site, which has been created by the leading supplier of hop products Simply Hops, together with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), Simpsons Malt, Lallemand Yeast and Brewers Select to help people get beer delivered to them from their local independent breweries, bottle shops and retailers who could suffer greatly or even potentially close over the next three months if they don’t gain support.

It comes after the Prime Minister announced on Friday all cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants must close as part of measures to curb the spread of the virus.

The aim of the site is to help show consumers where they can buy beer from and showcase the huge amount of varieties which are available to them during this time when they can’t go to their local pub or bar.

All people have to do is simply enter their postcode to find out where they can easily access beer from. Either to pick up or get delivered to their homes.

Meantime, with more people now working from home and social distancing, Simply Hops is also encouraging people to join a virtual social hangout organised by their local breweries at 5pm every Friday. It will be a place to have a chat with other beer lovers, friends or work colleagues instead of going to pubs and bars, whilst sharing the love on social media using the hashtag #BeerIsHere and #5oClockClub.

Ruth Evans

Ruth Evans

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