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Pipe Handling Made Simple- B&B Attachments

The chamber ring/ pipe clamp forklift truck attachment has been specifically designed to handle a wide range of concrete pipes and manhole chamber ring diameters and lengths safely and securely.

Concrete chamber rings are used to provide manhole access to sewer and drainage systems. They are made from strong, dense concrete, capable of withstanding corrosive environments which are regularly experienced underground, whilst concrete pipes are normally used for drainage purposes by highway agencies, in agriculture and for water wells. The correct handling of these concrete products is essential to ensure a safe, fast operation and avoid damage to the pipes and chambers, whilst also providing maximum operator safety during the handling process.

The chamber ring/ pipe clamp handler manufactured by B&B Attachments, has a dual clamping mechanism which is activated by hydraulic cylinders. The large rubber grippers prevent slippage and damage to the concrete. By means of the clamping mechanism, the pipes are tightly held to enhance accurate material placement. The clamp is adaptable, with several different designs available to cater for various pipe depths and wall thicknesses. This easy to install attachment can be fork or jib mounted to any forklift or tele-handler, and can rotate partially, or up to 360 degrees.

Established in 1980, B&B Attachments specialise in the design, manufacture, and supply of forklift truck attachment solutions. It provides bespoke attachments for customers with specific material handling requirements, including a full range of attachments specifically designed for the construction industry.

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Jessica Brindley

Jessica Brindley

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