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Polykeg launches a new range of one way kegs into the UK market


Polykeg have spent the last 4 years perfecting their new range of one way kegs, and their customers are now enjoying the significant benefits of that investment. Polykeg currently manufacture their kegs in Bergamo Italy and are about to open a brand new production plant in Barcelona. Demand for their new range of kegs have increased exponentially in the last 2 years and are now used by big market players. They also supply over 2000 small and medium sized breweries in Italy and Spain as well export customers in Brazil and Japan.



Polykeg UK is based in County Durham and the new MD is Tony Hird- “This is an exciting time for Polykeg. One way kegs are fast becoming the preferred choice for brewers large and small worldwide. They allow you to quickly expand your business with minimal investment, they simplify your filling process and logistics and when recycled correctly they are a more environmentally friendly alternative. We have invested heavily in the design and production quality of our new range. Polykeg have a range of unique features which our customers are delighted with we are setting new standards for one way kegs. Quality, safety and ease of use were the primary drivers for our design team. Our kegs come in a range of sizes from 12 ltr to 30 ltr and can be fitted with any valve as standard. Available with or without bag they are easily compatible with all filling lines and couplers. Plans to produce kegs in the UK are already underway and we will also provide a first class technical and sales service to our UK customers through our dedicated teams based in the UK. Currently we are offering a range of attractive incentives for new customers.”

To find out more about Polykeg’s new range of one way kegs and what offers are available to you contact the team, or call 07917 796748.

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