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Premium New Zealand hop varieties available to brewers as natural oil extracts in a world first-

Deal between UK-based Totally Natural Solutions and NZ Hops creates new additions to HopInspiration® range

A unique range of New Zealand premium hop oil extracts, offering an array of flavours and aromas, is now available to brewers of all sizes across the world thanks to an exclusive partnership between Totally Natural Solutions (TNS) and NZ Hops.

TNS, a UK-headquartered provider of innovative, natural hop oil extracts, joined forces with NZ Hops, New Zealand’s leading supplier of premium NZ-grown hops, to bring brand new hop varieties to the UK and global markets. In recent months, TNS has worked tirelessly to deliver a sustainable and secure supply of dry hop extracts from premium NZ Hop varieties.

NZ Hops is a cooperative of master growers based in Nelson, Tasman which is renowned as New Zealand’s sunniest region. The area’s terroir helps create highly sought-after aromas and flavours in craft and traditional beers.

The joint venture has allowed TNS to marry its patented clean label extraction technologies with NZ Hops to deliver unique soluble hop aroma and flavour. The new HopInspiration® Premium NZ hops range has been created to offer brewers hop varieties that have never existed as extracts before.

New Zealand-grown hops are in high demand, providing a unique chemical composition that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world, and they are therefore in scarce supply. Teaming up with TNS has allowed soluble NZ Hop Oils to be offered to brewers of all sizes.

Using a completely natural, patented and proprietary oil extraction processes, TNS has retained the quality, aroma and flavour profiles of NZ Hops. The purest oils are extracted by TNS and can then replace pellets or whole hops as part of the brewing process, without sacrificing taste.

TNS has completed brewing trials to replace hop pellets and add complexity to IPA beer styles for craft brewers. As a result, the new HopInspiration® Premium NZ hops range offers unique tropical fruit characters and citrus notes for application across a range of lager, IPA and low alcohol beer styles. The products are soluble, light, stable and without hop bitterness. The extracts are designed to be added to beer without any beer loss or the need to remove dry mass.

The main benefits of using New Zealand hop oil extracts include:

  • Taste – oils enhance aroma and flavour in beers, bringing a superior product to consumers. This offers a particularly big opportunity in the growing low and no alcohol beer market
  • Reliability and consistency all year round
  • Sustainability as a result of reduced waste, savings on storage and transport and no pesticide residues.


Colin Wilson, managing director of Totally Natural Solutions, said: “Since we signed this exclusive agreement with NZ Hops late last year, we’ve been working tirelessly to create our new HopInspiration® Premium NZ hops range offering hop varieties that have never existed as extracts before. We’re looking at the hop world through new eyes thanks to this relatively small but mighty amalgamation of unique New Zealand hops and UK expertise and support.

“We’re excited to now be in a position to start rolling out our exclusive range to beer producers of all sizes, including craft brewers and major multinationals, in the UK and globally. We are opening up a whole new world of flavour to brewers and consumers, with a focus on sustainability.

“Forming a partnership with the leading hop cooperative in New Zealand has led to a perfect marriage of technology, expertise and the finest quality raw material.”

Craig Orr, CEO of NZ Hops, added: “This partnership is a wonderful opportunity to grow our brand globally and make our unique hops more accessible to brewers around the world. The innovative process behind extraction of the oils sees less waste and provides a consistent and sustainable product which ultimately increases consumer experience of our hops. It’s an exciting new growth opportunity for us and our growers.”

This international deal is part of TNS’s rapid expansion which has seen it grow from start-up to a global brewery partner within eight years. The company was set-up in Tonbridge, Kent in 2013 by a Scot, Colin Wilson, who had been a director with Barth Haas, the world’s largest supplier of hop products and services. Wilson has ambitious growth plans for TNS, including tripling its turnover to £10 million over the next three years and the firm is investing heavily in staff development and systems.

HopInspiration® Premium NZ hops are available in a range of pack sizes (15ml, 100ml, 1litre) through TNS at Shop – Totally Natural Solutions


HopBurst® – Delivers dry hop aroma and contains a varietal hop oil to deliver an intense burst:

Product Name Character Typical Dose Rate Suggested Beer Style
HopBurst® Kohatu® Fruity, bitterness, real fruit punch 15-20ml/hl Lager, Pale Ale, IPA
HopBurst® Moutere™ Soft hoppy bitterness, grapefruit, light tropical fruit and passionfruit 15-25ml/hl Lager, Pilsner, Pale Ale, IPA, NEIPA
HopBurst® Rakau™ Fresh stone fruit such as apricot 10-25ml/hl Lager, Pale, Porter, Stout
HopBurst® Waimea™ Quality bitterness and fruity citrus and pine characters 5-15ml/hl Pale Ale, IPA NEIPA
HopBurst® Wai-iti™ Citrus characters – blend of stone fruits such as fresh peaches and ripe apricot 10ml/hl Lager, Ales, IPA’s
HopBurst® Taiheke® Powerful resinous fruit mix 10-20ml/hl Lager, Pale Ale, IPA, NEIPA
HopBurst® Nectaron® Distinctive passionfruit/pineapple character, sweet tropical fruits 5-15ml/hl Lager, Pale Ale, Strong IPA, NEIPA and modern beer styles.

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