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Pub Sheds – Branded To Perfection

Pub Shed

Your garden shed with a pub in it. The antidote to stress and the perfect way to unwind? Welcome to the world of Pub Sheds who turned to Micro Matic to create perfect branding for their much followed enterprise.

Pub Sheds was started in 2014 by Ben Wassell as an active online community for home bar enthusiasts. It was an interest that was started by Ben’s father, who helped build his home bar in 2001. Ben’s own bar, ‘The Barometer’, is a nautical-themed pub shed complete with cannon, ships cat (and rat!) and authentic ship smells provided by a scent-effects unit. It is this attention to detail that led Ben to turn to Micro Matic as he knew they were the global leaders in keg to glass technology and point of sale branding to see if they could help him by supplying a Pub Sheds personalised lens for his bar.

Thanks to Micro Matic UK’s beer lens point of sale website, Ben was able to upload his Pub Sheds artwork and was quickly supplied with a personalised lens in the post. He was so impressed with the service received from Micro Matic that he did a review on his popular Pub Sheds You Tube Channel that has over 1,200 subscribers.

Pub Sheds is the largest home bar community in the world with 17,500+ members. It has inspired several spin-off groups and they host ‘Pub Shed of the Year’ annually as well as other competitions to keep the Pub Shed community on their toes.

For smaller brands or home bar enthusiasts who do not have the budget for bespoke shapes, Micro Matic offer a range of lens that can be personalised with their own unique logo design. Ben made great use of our oval lens with his bold Pub Sheds logo design.

Paul Cassells from Micro Matic commented “Although Micro Matic are known for dealing with the largest brewery businesses in the world, it is always great to also be able to help the smaller players too. We love what Ben is doing with his Pub Sheds community and were happy to help him serve a pint with their name on it.”

Ben from Pub Sheds commented “Micro Matic are industry leaders in draught beer dispense equipment. It was a great idea to be able to have our own logo up in lights. It was very straight forward uploading our artwork and the lens was very quick to arrive.”

For more information on Micro Matic’s range of lenses that can be ordered online, visit

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