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Case Study by Grundfos 

How Grundfos’ digital dosing in an agricultural setting will future proof your business.

The equipment used to suppress pathogens in poultry agriculture has been given an upgrade, with Grundfos pumps at the heart of the improvements.

Some of the tools and methods employed in poultry agriculture are unchanged for decades. Modern advances are present throughout the industry but one key area has been lagging behind. To restrict the spread of pathogens and disease in hatching eggs and bird flocks, sanitising chemicals are often used. However, they may be inaccurately and manually applied which is inefficient and potentially hazardous.

Grundfos Area Sales Manager John Manwaring likens the use of agricultural sanitising chemicals measured and applied by hand in large volumes to “using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut”. The industry was crying out for a way of administering essential sanitiser in managed volumes that was more efficient, more cost effective and most importantly, safe, compliant and future-proof. Potential exposure to workers, outdated controls, excessive use of chemicals, regulatory compliance and damage to the environment were other factors that meant a fresh approach was needed.


A digital dosing pump that injects a precise amount of sanitiser droplets into the hatchery… enough to kill bugs threatening chick health but not enough to harm the chicks.

Grundfos joined forces with their customer Sonas to create a new precision automated chemical dosing system capable of supplying a smaller but more exact concentration and dose of the chemical into the atmosphere.

Compliant with all regulatory bodies, it can be administered and monitored remotely as it links to a connected screen for visual operation from a location elsewhere on the farm, meaning workers no longer need to handle any chemicals during operation.

“The industry was crying out for a way of administering essential sanitiser in low but managed volumes that was more efficient, more cost effective and most importantly, safer. Health and safety is the number one priority, but farmers also need to know they are disinfecting wisely, reducing maintenance costs and creating a healthy environment for their poultry and in turn their customers. If you consume poultry or eggs from a UK source, it is very likely to have been protected by Sonas product and Grundfos pumps” – John Manwaring, Area Sales Manager, Grundfos

Case Study by Grundfos 


Jessica Brindley

Jessica Brindley

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