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Pump Solutions Are At Your Fingertips

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If you require peace of mind with your pump solution and would like a personal visit from someone who knows about pumps, then there is help at hand.

Chad Gray and Gareth Jones have joined the Verder UK area manger team covering the south east and west helping to service breweries, distilleries, dairies, process engineering houses and other industries.

Verder UK invest in customer service and now have a full roster of area managers covering the United Kingdom offering

  • Site visits
  • Hygienic and industrial-type pumps
  • Consultation on suitable pumps for your system
  • Access to a range of pump technologies
  • Pricing and availability direct from Verder, the manufacturer
  • After sales support including workshop and technical services

Many of Verder’s customers have found the use of a site visit especially useful, particularly when considering the change of a pump type or brand. The experience and knowledge of each area manager is useful for judging how a change in pump technology will affect the overall system and any modifications necessary. In many cases a longer-term cost scenario can be estimated to see the total life cycle costs. For example, the change from mechanically sealed to a mag drive centrifugal pump or making the decision between a PD or centrifugal type.

An area manager is dedicated to your region and is there purely to assist your pumping process. Once a pump is installed, Verder consider that just the start and touch base regularly to ensure you feel confident that you know how to operate and maintain the pump. If more in-depth is required, a full Service Workshop is available for service and overhaul as well as full-support from the manufacturing and design side who can advise on bespoke engineering queries.

Verder are a manufacturer and distributor of pumps and pumping services. Manufacturing both centrifugal and positive displacement types allows the area manager to have full versatility in specifying the right pump for the job.

For day to day support, both every customer and the area managers are supported by a team of office engineers who can assist with quotations, technical advice and a friendly chat so that you’re never without someone who can provide the help you need.

Verder is an ISO-certified organisation with affiliate offices in 27 countries and 5 manufacturing sites producing our pumps. This allows Verder the capacity and size to produce the best quality pumps and the locality to give you the service you would expect.

If you would like to meet your local area manager to discuss a suitable pump solution for your system get in touch and get the peace of mind for your pumping system.

Ruth Evans

Ruth Evans

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