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Q&A with International Gas Detectors

Q&A with BFBI

BFBI recently visited the IGD office to have a quick Q & A with them in addition to discussing how to best keep our staff safe and securing the safety of the beverage industry. BFBi have been working closely with IGD to help stress the importance of gas safety within the food and beverage industry, keeping workers safe from hazards including CO2, nitrogen and oxygen depletion; commonly overlooked in this industry. Our article below delves into who IGD are, what they do and the importance of gas safety within our industry, including how IGD can help the industry further. Read below to find out more about this interview with the IGD team.

(Ruth): Can you tell me a little bit about who IGD are?

IGD are one of the first gas detection companies in the UK. Established in 1917, IGD have been specialising in gas detection for over 100 years, providing fixed detection within the UK and globally directly from our gas detection experts. IGD have provided revolutionary developments in gas detection throughout the years, from introducing the first catalytic bead pellistor in the 1950’s to more recently modernising gas detection with our 2-Wire addressable system. IGD are the only gas detection company in the world offering this leap in technology, providing clients with a future proof, digital gas detection system.

(Ruth): What does IGD do?

IGD are a gas detection company offering a full range of gas detection equipment as well as a full educational and training experience. We have an in-house technical and manufacturing department, ensuring the highest level of detectably better equipment is provided, overseen by our managing director. IGD provide in house training from our team of experts, being approved by the external CPD UK training body. This ensures you are receiving the highest quality of training, being provided by those who handle our equipment daily. Overall, our aim is to provide a detectably better experience with IGD.

(Ruth): What is IGDs experience in the beverage industry?

We began manufacturing CO2 detection as early as the 1930s as seen in the below picture. Originally, we developed (under the name Ringrose) a fixed and portable CO2 detector using soda lime filters and differential pressure in the early 1930s (this is the larger units in the picture below). This is arguably the first ever CO2 gas monitor in the world. Then in the 1980s we pushed the boundaries of gas detection further with Edinburgh Sensors and developed the first ever microprocessor-controlled CO2 monitor with a digital display. This provided radical change in CO2 detection, being one of the first digital CO2 monitors available on the market from any gas detection provider. In the picture below, you can see the first ever CO2 monitor (Ringrose) compared with all new portable iGAS CO2, the latest and most advanced portable CO2 monitor available in the market. In 2020, we partnered with SENKO to offer the most advanced CO2 detector for the beverage industry in the iGAS CO2. Providing users with an easy to use, affordable and most of all durable portable CO2 monitor. With full data logging, USB micro re-chargeable and a 14-day battery run time, it truly is a detectably better CO2 portable monitor. Our long history has provided us with a wealth of experience and the expertise to provide the detectably better solution.

(Ruth): Finally, what can IGD provide for the beverage industry?

IGD can provide a full turnkey service for the beverage industry, offering the best equipment on the market combined with a full education of gas safety within the industry. With our Sentinel+ 2-wire addressable system, we can offer the beverage industry fixed detection with a 70% reduction in costs and reduced maintenance of the system with a leading 10-year warranty. 2-Wire addressable also allows for up to 32 devices on one cable highway, with the ability to remove or add devices with no extra hassle. We offer a full range of CO2, O2, flammable and sulphur dioxide detection options on our addressable system. In addition to a full range of portables to pair with these, including the iGAS CO2. This device is perfect for the food & beverage industry, boasting a 14-day battery life in a compact and lightweight design. Not only can we provide the perfect solution, but we can also offer the highest level of education and training available on the market. Free training is available to all of our clients, as well as our team of experts on hand to answer any questions about CO2 and gas safety in the beverage industry.


This interview with IGD provided an incredible insight into the oldest UK gas detection manufacturer. We are looking forward to seeing how their work within the food and drinks industry progresses. BFBI are excited to see how our relationship with IGD grows in the future, ensuring people are safe at work every day.

Visit the IGD website to learn more about gas safety in the beverage industry or contact their team of experts for advice.

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