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Raer Scotch Whisky, Distillery & Brewery, East Kilbride


Following the successful installation of the new brewhouse at Raer Scotch Whisky, which is a combined Distillery and Brewery at East Kilbride. Bulk Storage and Process Systems Ltd supplied and installed two new 31t malt silos with lorry filling system, 4 roll Malt Mill, grist case and control system.  The malt handling conveyor delivers high specification grist directly to the new mash tun.

“The installation of the bulk malt silos and milling will reduce manual handling and will give us control over the accuracy of our grist sample, this affords us better yields delivering accurate grist weigh directly to the new Brewhouse” said Andy Humphreys, Project Manager for Raer Scotch Whisky.

“We know that this will be a good return on investment for Raer Scotch Whisky as bulk malt will give the added benefits of higher extract and enhanced control achieved from milling their own malt” said Bill Egerton, Managing Director of BSPS.

For further information on Bulk Malt and Milling or Spent Grain Silos please call BSPS on 01483 202211.   Finance options are available to help with the cash flow and local grants are available in some areas of the country to help with projects.

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