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Rotech Price Adjustment for 2022


Rotech Machines would like to take the opportunity to inform you that starting from 4th January 2022, Rotech will be implementing an incremental price adjustment of 5% to the majority of their equipment, consumables and spares.

Orders placed before 4th Jan will be honored with 2021 pricing, even if not shipped before that date.

Rotech have made considerable leaps forward in production efficiency over the past year, and worked tirelessly on cost-saving exercises. Despite this, global markets have continuously seen significant price hikes that leave them with no choice but to make this difficult decision.

Fortunately, Rotech can continue to offer products at 2019 pricing when ordering online via, because of the increased efficiency when we process these digital orders. So for this reason, they encourage all of their customers to use this platform when possible so that you get the absolute best deal you can. For those that can’t find their goods online, Rotech will be expanding their digital product range over the coming months to cover a more comprehensive range.

There’s more good news too. Rotech are in a fortunate enough position where they are increasing their stock significantly to keep up with demand, despite the unpredictable markets, and are continuing to supply goods on the same lead-time as you are used to. Rotech’s team are working hard to continue with this well into the future.

Rotech truly value their customers support and thank you for your business to date. They remain committed to providing you with a range of first-class products, second-to-none customer service and support to help your business.

Rotech Machines

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