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Ruth’s visit to Analytical Technology


Ruth Evans visited Tristen and Gemma Preger at ATI’s facility in Delph, Greater Manchester.

Tristen, Regional Sales Manager – International, and Gemma, Inside Sales Specialist – Food & Drink, Industrial, gave an overview of ATI’s monitoring and controlling products and services.

ATI manufacture both fixed and portable monitoring technology to many of the world’s leading brands in areas as diverse as soft drink manufacture, meat processing, chocolate production, breweries, wineries, fermentation plants, pubs, bars and restaurants.  Their sensing technologies monitor disinfection, refrigeration and production processes to future-proof manufacturing plants.

ATI has a history of working with all water utility companies within the UK, monitoring for disinfection and discolouration at treatment plants and throughout the network. They also operate within the waste water industry with water quality monitoring, odour control and gas detection monitors.  Having recently being acquired by ‘Badger Meter’, ATI’s portfolio has expanded to include; flow metering and organics (such as TOC, BOD and COD). After dominating the Utilities industry, ATI have focused more on the industrial industry which includes Food and Drink. Recent applications include CO2/O2 depletion sensors, supplying to AG Barr on three sites, continuing a contract with The Royal Mint, Muller and, recently, Princes Gate Water.

ATI’s fixed toxic gas sensors have an optional inbuilt daily “bump check”, to prove the sensors respond accurately, every day and means the sensors don’t require testing from a third party.

The range of gas sensors are huge and includes ammonia, ozone, hydrogen sulphide, peracetic acid amongst many of the usual suspects.

Monitoring systems include:

  • Water monitoring, including chlorine, peracetic acid, dissolved oxygen, suphites, nitrites, suspended solids, MLSS, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ammonia, pH, conductivity, etc.
  • Gas monitoring, including CO2, chlorine, ozone, acid gases, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide (+ 60 other sensors).

ATI have a library of information relating to odour Control (for waste water and industrial process), HVAC market and Peracetic acid monitoring.  Below are presentations, relatable to the food & drink sector:

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