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With the cost of living hitting us all hard, inflation spiralling to levels not seen in decades and businesses already trying to make up for lost income from a tumultuous few years of trading – we are all looking for ways to save the pennies, become more efficient and still reach those ever demanding sustainability goals.

Now more than ever, businesses are realising that investing at the front end will pay back dividends over the coming years, when it comes to resource and equipment – but these decisions are not taken lightly and the outlay needs to be for the right reasons and amply justified.

Challenges for Processing Plants

In these unprecedented times, food and beverage processing plants are operating in ever increasing competitive conditions, and the search for ways in which to stay profitable without compromising product quality is a real challenge.

The food processing industry is the largest single manufacturing sector in the UK and the fourth largest industrial energy user, with a whopping 117 petajoules (PJ) consumed each year (according to the food and drink federation 2018 & the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy 2018a). This is largely due to the thermal / refrigeration processes and water used in their operations, plus the hygienic standards and cleaning requirements significantly impacting the intensive energy utilisation. Energy is also often wasted through inefficient processes or equipment and understanding where improvements could be made is the first step to sustainable practices.

How can ITS help you understand the needs of your business support you change for the better?

Using Joules Sustainability Optimisation software, ITS can calculate energy & CO2 emission savings by optimising your pumps and agitators, and CIP media and water savings for mixproof valves and tank cleaning equipment. With the given duty specification, we can provide the best energy & water solutions for inefficient sanitary flow processes!

What ITS do?

An analysis of components in an existing process to identify potential water and energy savings, by either installing better suited components or finding a superior process solution.

Why they do it?

Analysing the various operational processes of your business allows you to more accurately assess them against sustainable best practice and identify what opportunities are available and what changes you would like to make, whether big or small.

Who can do it?

Sustainability Audits are about understanding where you are now so that you can plan for a more sustainable future and therefore they are suitable for all business that have processes that can be improved upon.

Processing Plants can use ITS expertise in this field to determine where improvements can be made.

ITS Service:

  • Flow charts, product data and scheduled operation times provided at planning call
  • Audit estimated at one full working week for the involved persons
  • Calculations and report generation
  • Presentation and conclusion

    Their Commitment

    To provide their industry leading sustainability audit, full involvement from their end and the end user operator is required. ITS will liaise with a process responsible end user representative to make sure the suggested changes are feasible.

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