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Eastpoint, is a specialist distributor of teaching aids, classroom resources and reprographics equipment. Since their establishment in 2004, they have worked diligently to develop a strong portfolio of brands to meet the various needs and budgets of the education market, one of the brands being Propeller®.

Our relationship with Eastpoint began back in 2007, since then, we have supported in producing packaging solutions from mail order postal boxes & cases through to premium packaging designs. In November 2019, Chris Johnson, of Eastpoint contacted our Internal Sales Co-ordinator, Kelly Phipps to produce a newly updated litho & flexo printed packaging solution for their ‘Rapid Recall Whiteboard’ products. The purpose of the packaging was to house A3 Whiteboards and their connected accessories, which made the packaging structure quite challenging to design.

To allow for ease of access when opening, the bespoke packaging was designed to simplify the user experience and included several ergonomic enhancements:

  • Ergonomically designed lithographically printed top cover
  • The inclusion of two small tray inserts to neatly separate the included accessories
  • The functionality of allowing a side panel of the bottom tray to open out to allow for easy extraction of the main contents inside
  • A broad, flat surface area allowing for easy stacking of multiple quantities of the product packaging with little or no concern for instability
  • Designed to be opened & reassembled in very short spaces of time,
  • A sturdy design, printed in colours that are proven to facilitate easy reading

The final component to the packaging design is the top cover; this has been printed with a full-colour lithographic print process providing an eye-catching photo quality print. It has an added embellishment of gloss varnish, for a more aesthetically pleasing look and to enrich user experience with its smoother texture. Ensuring continuity with the main tray, the inserts were accurately colour-matched, using a 2 colour flexographic print process.

With the packaging being made from corrugated cardboard, it can easily be recycled. This reflects positively on Eastpoint’s brand image and also poses well with their increasingly, environmentally aware consumers.

“With the global attention and determination towards the use of sustainable packaging, it is very rewarding to be able to demonstrate to the consumers that such visually engaging and high-quality packaging can be produced from much more environmentally friendly materials than what the younger generation has previously been accustomed to.” Mike Impson, Sales Director, Saxon Packaging.

With an initial order of 1000 units, we are thrilled to hear that Eastpoint are very happy with what we have produced for them and that pupils are enjoying & benefiting from the products that are packaged inside.

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