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Saxon Packaging: Supporting Square Root’s Product and Business Growth


Nestled in the busy North East quarter of our capital city of London, you’ll find the hustle and bustle of the Square Root Soda Works. Founded in 2013, they have quickly grown into an award-winning business, with a flourishing collection of small batch sodas, tonics and non alcoholic cocktails which are all handmade (from fruit to bottle) at their own Soda Works in Leyton.

Saxon Packaging‘s relationship with Square Root began with a journey that would take their Sales Director, Mike Impson, down south (beyond the confines of the M25) to meet fellow members of the London Brewers Alliance (LBA) by knocking on brewery doors in the busy streets of Hackney. And he so happened to meet Ed Taylor inside The Cock Tavern, who at the time was the head brewer of fellow LBA member – Howling Hops.

Whilst the two enjoyed the exchanging of annecdotes and views of their shared passion for the drinks industry, Ed told Mike of a small side-project that he was working on with partner Robyn Simms for the non-alcoholic drinks industry, and from that sparked a 7-year relationship!

Square Root’s product range has expanded significantly from when it was first established and so too has their packaging requirements. From what began as single colour flexo printed bottle transit packaging, these have progressed to varying different styles of packaging with sustainability and user experience at the front of their mind. Today their packaging includes gift packs, eCommerce and bespoke boxes, cases & cartons which are used across the UK and internationally.

More recently, to mark the end of the summer, Saxon Packaging hosted a socially distanced well-being event at Saxon Packaging HQ in the far east (Lowestoft!), dubbed – The Low2Now Pizza Roadshow. Where after years of producing packaging for them, the Saxon team were able to sample a selection of Square Root’s drinks for the very first time. It goes without saying, that they went down exceptionally well!

I was very fortunate way back when to chance upon meeting Ed Taylor, who shared similar passions and ideas. I’m delighted that we have been able to support them from the very start, each new project we work on is exciting and I look forward to continuing to support Ed and the rest of the team in the future, as they continue to grow and diversify” said Mike.

Working with Saxon Packaging has always been a pleasure. They’ve sense checked us, helped and guided our decisions as we’ve grown and offered neat well thought through packaging options for our uncompromising brand & business.” – Ed Taylor


For more information on our member Saxon Packaging, please click here. 

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