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Saxon Packaging ‘The Low2No Pizza Roadshow’

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Saxon Packaging managed to organise a successful event for employees despite Covid


Saxon Packaging traditionally put on a summer BBQ for their employees and their family members to enjoy. Unfortunately, with the latest government announcements with further lockdown restrictions and limits to gatherings of 6 individuals, they were unable to put on such event this year.

The Saxon Packaging well-being team decided to put their heads together and think of a way in which they could keep the traditional spirit of a summer shindig… but in true 2020 fashion. The challenge, was to organise an event that they could hold on site that coincided with their strict covid-secure procedures & best practices. Whilst the well-being team ummed and aahhed, they eventually settled on…

“It just didn’t seem to feel right to go through 8 months of the year without coming together for an event. The idea popped into my head for a no2low drinks festival… so I pitched it to the well-being team. And they ran with it and made it happen!” – Ben Watson – Technical & Design Manager, Saxon Packaging.

The Saxon Packaging well-being team employed the services of a local caterer Broadside Pizza’s who successfully manoeuvred their van into our back yard equipped with a fully wood-fired pizzeria in a van. The freshly baked pizzas went down a treat, and Broadside Pizza team even boxed up all the left over pizzas for the team to take home at the end of the day!

As Saxon Packaging couldn’t have the team getting ‘over-refreshed’ in the workplace, they decided that a low/non alcoholic drinks menu would be the best solution. They wanted their staff to be able to have the opportunity to try some of the low and non-alcoholic beverages made by their very own clients. So Saxon Packaging reached out, to see if anyone could help… and they did!

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