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Believe it or not, it is estimated that more than 230 million tonnes (Mt) of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used every year worldwide. It was reported in 2020 by The Business Research Company’s carbon dioxide market report, that the beverage market was the largest segment by application, accounting for 26.2%. – that’s a lot of CO2!

With such a large segment of the CO2  market, you won’t be surprised to hear that CO2 is the most commonly used gas in the food and beverage industry, and applied in most processes – from carbonating soft drinks and beers, to keeping food cold during transportation, and even removing caffeine from coffee beans to make decaffeinated coffee.

The food and beverage industry’s reliance on CO2 has meant it has fallen victim to the (almost) annual shortages of CO2. In September 2021, we saw major UK industries go into crisis mode and halting production when CF Fertilisers shutdown, blaming rising gas prices making their operations unviable.

The CO2 industry is also a hot topic due to traditional methods of producing CO2 and its harmful impact on the planet. Most CO2 we use today is a by-product from burning natural gas or coal to fuel facilities producing ammonia. The sourcing of fossil fuels is extremely damaging to the environment, and the burning of them produces gases that are toxic and potent.

It’s fair to say, CO2 is a dilemma for businesses – asking “how do we secure a reliable source of CO2 all year round?” and “how do we reduce our carbon footprint and manage our business’s impact on our planet?”

Fortunately, in recent years we have found a solution – “Green” CO2 produced from biogas. Biogas typically contains around 60% biomethane, (a renewable fuel), and 40% CO2 (a natural residual product), and is produced at plants during the process of anaerobic digestion of feedstocks.

Carbon capture technology (a specially built unit installed on biogas plants) has been developed to recover and recycle all CO2 during the anaerobic digestion process, whereas before it would escape into the atmosphere. CO2 capture enhances the facility’s sustainability and circular economy credentials, as well as supplying the market with much needed CO2, in the most environmentally friendly way.

“Green” CO2 from biogas is a renewable and sustainable form of CO2, and 34 times less potent compared to traditional forms. It has a high supply reliability all-year round and is not impacted by shutdowns, such as those we saw in 2021.

With the opportunity to go green, source gas from a sustainable source, and have a guaranteed supply, it’s not a surprise more and more businesses, from brewers, farmers, food and beverage manufacturers are making the switch.

At Pro Gases UK, they are proud to only source CO2 from biogas plants – using only green CO2 in their gas mixtures, in both beverage and industrial gases. The biogas plants they source from are all mostly crop fed (no waste), and power themselves using solar power or their own green gas.

Sourcing CO2 doesn’t have to be a concern for your business! If you are looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and green source of CO2, get in touch with Pro Gases UK today.

If you would like to find out more about CO2 from biogas and how you could source a supply in bulk for your business, please contact Pro Gases UK on:

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Makisha Schultz

Makisha Schultz

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