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AleTrim enables bar staff to serve keg beers faster and therefore sell more beer during busy periods. Reduce staff, increase takings and serve more customers all at the same time, simply by putting AleTrim onto any nozzle.

  • AleTrim is fast: by smoothing the flow into the glass, flow regulators can be opened allowing much faster pouring without the risk of fobbing.
  • AleTrim increases yield: 90% of dispense waste is saved, so earnings go up!
  • AleTrim quality pour: new staff quickly become expert and efficient, right to the last drop.
  • AleTrim is easy to use: it just slides on to the existing nozzle of any tap and starts to pour the perfect pint.
  • AleTrim delivers more sales: efficiency is crucial for satisfied customers in busy periods.
  • AleTrim is easy to maintain: fill the provided CleanCap with solution, remove nozzle from the tap and push together; rinse with clean water prior to reuse.
  • AleTrim is patented and available to purchase or license.

Sell more beer and increase your price per keg. Everybody wins!

Fit AleTrim on to your customers keg beer taps and see their satisfaction grow as their profits increase.

  • With AleTrim fitted, your customers will sell more by serving faster.
  • They’ll need fewer staff.
  • They’ll reduce waste caused by fobbing and increase the yield per keg.

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