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Craft breweries, wineries and other production facilities, with low to medium volume production lines will now be able to cut energy costs and improve performance thanks to the Eco-Blow, SolvAir’s innovative new system.

Designed to fit existing packaging/filling lines, the Eco-Blow is a compact, flexible and economical twin air knife system, suitable for production rates of 3000 bottle per hour, that delivers rapid drying of cans or bottles, typically 330ml and 500ml sizes, as well as standard 750ml wine bottles.

The Eco-Blow system uses a fraction of the energy used to produce continuous compressed air –  from 60% on average, but this can be up to 80%. These savings are obtained through the Eco-Blow’s high-speed energy efficient 4 kW compact and floor standing centrifugal blower, with IP54 housing including an integrated frequency inverter within an IP64 housing. The blower draws in surrounding air, with a turbo output delivering up to over 100 mbar in pressure and air flow rate of up to 21 M3/hour. As well as this, the disc silencer reduces blower noise levels to below 80dbA.

Using twin air blades with fully adjustable mounting kits in 304 stainless steel, the Eco-Blow is designed to specifically address key production issues, not only providing effective preparation for labelling, but also reducing cardboard carton failure and staining, contamination and corrosion, especially for crown cap application. Further benefits include virtually no water migration onto other machine parts and reduced time in the packaging process.

Managing Director Chris Davies says, “The Eco-Blow provides the solution for the smaller volume producer, using either automatic or semi-automatic filling lines, who is looking for fast drying performance from a compact system.

It is designed for easy installation and running, not to mention significant savings compared to using compressed air”.

will be demonstrating the Eco-Blow system at the forthcoming BevExpo event at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry June 25th and 26th 2019.

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