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Some exciting new additions at RLBS


RLBS, the UK’s leading drink gas pressure regulator and dispense equipment manufacturer are geared up another busy year.  The Company with factories in North Wales and Yorkshire starts the year off with the proud announcement of 2 new additions.

The first addition is their new member of the sales team, Kemmie Smith. Kemmie joins the team in the sales and marketing department assisting their customers with all the information as they require.
The second addition is the release of RLBS’s new single product dispense font, the “Solo”. RLBS developed the Solo to suit the highly competitive keg dispense market, to ensure quality dispense at a price not often found in full UK manufactured units. Kemmie commented, “the Solo font has the ability to be fully branded around its diameter which gives a strong extra brand presence at low cost”.
Both the Solo font and Kemmie will be at this years BeerX exhibition in Liverpool on the RLBS stand on the 14th & 15th March



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